SOB Features  

SOB includes all the standard features, displays and tools found in similar products, plus advanced navigation tools and many unique and original features - all designed to be extremely easy to use, even in the typically difficult computing environment found onboard!

Designed for full function via a touchscreen, additional ease of use is experienced with a mouse (or other pointing device) or the many keyboard shortcuts built-into SOB. A cordless mouse with a middle-wheel is highly recommended to streamline your interactions with SOB.


(Initial Release July 2016, Update v11.2 released Jan 2020)



View the Release Notes for SOBv11 (PDF Document).

WEB Tracker & Blog

See the public blog/track viewer here:

Upload your Position and other navigation data - at times that you preset - to our WEB Server for viewing by anyone in a Web Browser.

Optionally include text for display as a blog and attachments for pictures, documents, videos etc.

Blog uploads are compatible with the Mail-A-Sail blog site (

Email Alerts

Receive emails if certain Alert! conditions have been set.
Alerts can be: Boat Moves a specified distance; Depth is shallower, or deeper, than preset values; Wind gust exceeds a preset strength.

NMEA 2000 Compatible

Use the Actisense NGT-1 ( to connect your PC to a NMEA 2000 backbone, and SOB will read UTC, Lat/Lng, SOG, COG, Wind, Depth etc from your NMEA 2000 instruments.

Use SOB to convert NMEA 2000 data to NMEA 0183 data and output from your PC's serial (or USB) port to interface with other devices and serial networks.

List of processed NMEA 2000 PGNs

Routing Enhancements

Improved and Enhanced guidelines when drawing or editing a route. Additional options for displaying route leg labels.

Auto Centre Enhancements

More flexible settings give finer control over your boat's position on the chart.

Past Track Display

Additional display options include a larger size and connecting line between track points.

Range and Bearing Lines

Enhanced display of guides when drawing RBL, including a Great Circle guide when appropriate.


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Digiboat WEB Tracker Site


Sample Alert Email

Actisense NGT-1

Improved display when
 drawing or editing routes

RBL guide with
Great Circle guide



SOBv10 NEW FEATURES (Released July 2015)





New Licensing System

  • SOBv10 is now licensed to the disk it is installed on (rather than the computer, as for previous versions). SOB can be installed on a removable drive and transferred and run on any other computer while retaining the license details
  • It may be necessary for you to re-unlock SOBv10 after installation, although any valid licensed SOB installation should migrate License Details automatically
  • SOBv10 installs into the C:\SOBv360 folder which leaves your previous installation of an earlier version of SOB intact. Charts and user objects (routes, waypoints etc) may need to be copied manually to the new folder. Refer to the SOB User Manual.
  • If your SOB computer is connected to the Internet, then Licensing can be performed automatically from within SOB by just entering your Password


Track Editing and Detail

  • New Tracks toolbar includes a large collection of Track editing and Information tools. Including "Split a Track", "Trim a Track", "Export a track, or track segment" and many more...
  • Comprehensive "Track Export" choices added


New Route Tools

  • Split a route into two smaller routes, or join two routes to one route
  • Comprehensive "Route Export" choices added


Waypoint Form Layout

  • New layout and tools for Waypoint form, including dynamic updating of the waypoint icon appearance


Waypoint Attachments

  • Attach any file (notes, pictures, videos, pdf etc) to a waypoint. It is quick and easy (single mouse click) to view the attachment list and view any attached files.


Ship's Data Panel

  • Redesigned Data Panel which can now include the SPD (from paddlewheel device) and HDG (from electronic compass) on a fully configurable and re-sizeable display window


Tidal Stream Display

  • The much requested Line Graph display for tidal streams (currents) is now included on the Object Info form



  • New selections for choosing how long and how frequent to retrieve GRIB data
  • "Future Ship Position" icon drawn ahead of your ship's symbol to predict where you may be for the chosen GRIB forecast time
  • "+/- hours from NOW" added to the text display at the bottom of the GRIB screen to make it easier to track which forecast time you are viewing



  • Completely re-designed AutoRoutes feature with new route pattens added and comprehensive tools to assist with finding MPP, LKP etc


Depth / Speed / Distance Calculator

  • Included on Ship's Form >> Calculator page, this useful calculator helps with your ETA's etc

... plus much more ...



General features

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  • Real-time tracking of ship's position and velocity directly on the chart
  • Easy chart panning, zooming and level changing

  • Designed for Touch-Screen use (additional functionality for mouse users)
  • Compatible with all NMEA navigation instruments (directly with 0183 instruments, via Actisense converter for NMEA2000 instruments)
  • Most number of NMEA sentences, AIS message types and DSC messages and GRIB Data-types decoded of any Navigation Software
  • Print the displayed chart to any Windows™ printing device
  • User selectable Data Folders location
  • Simple "Drag-and-Drop" support for most of SOB's file types
  • Super-size mode for clear viewing from a distance (ship's symbol, PastTracks, targets etc)
  • Grey/Red/Black Night mode settings + 10 settings for chart shading
  • Keep Ship's Target auto-centred on display (don't allow Ship's Target to "sail" off the display)
  • Two-clicks to manually re-position the Ship's Target
  • Dozens of Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Zoom to a Window (create a sizeable "zoom-window" with a middle-mouse button drag)
  • Look-ahead lines for either, both or none of, ship's heading* and course-over-ground
  • Drawn to-scale ship's symbol
  • Flexible Lat/Lng input (use DD.ddd, or DD° or DD°MM'SS">
  • GPS Satellite acquisition display
  • Synchronise internal PC clock to GPS time
  • Alarms for many conditions
Night Mode form

GPS Satellites in view

Own Ship display


Standard Navigation features




Dynamic Ship Display configuration

  • A new tool to quickly and simply set up your OwnShip display exactly as you like it.

Common Tools

  • One-touch range and bearing lines (RBL) allow up to 5 extensions
  • Dead-reckoning mode
  • Voyage replay function
  • Full NMEA logging, for voyage logfiles or voyage replay


  • Easy creation of waypoint by mouse-clicking or direct entry of lat/lng values
  • Fully configurable waypoint appearance (size, icon, colour, label etc)
  • Enhanced Waypoint file management
  • Reposition a waypoint with the mouse 
  • Unlimited Waypoints (limited only by RAM and hard disk size)
  • Anchor Zone and Arrival Zone Alarms
  • Load/Unload and Manage SOB Waypoint files. (".wpt")
  • Import ".TXT" or ".CSV" or ".XML" or ".GPX" files
  • Export Wpts files to text and XML files
  • Capture Wpts sent from the GPS to a .WPT file
  • Send SOB Wpts (individual, multiple, or entire SOB ".wpt" file to GPS memory)
  • Upload/Download Waypoints to the C-MAP User Card via the USB Card Reader
  • Nominate individual or groups of Waypoints to be automatically loaded when SOB starts
  • Convert waypoint list to route

PastTrack and Logfiles

  • Selectively display or hide the Ship’s past track
  • Clear track, reload any past track, auto-reload last track
  • Colour past track by depth, boat speed, or wind speed
  • Optionally display True-Wind vectors for each track point
  • Convert PastTracks to Routes
  • Automatic Logfile of PastTrack for importing into Excel etc
  • Select logfile size (daily, or by hours)
  • Advanced PastTrack reload filtering options

Interface with C-Map user card

Waypoint symbol selection form

PastTrack of Berrimilla around Cape Horn (coloured to wind strength)

PastTrack with wind vectors - "Hedgehog View"

PastTrack storm section exported to Excel for analysis (note 80+ knots!)


Advanced features





Misc Advanced Tools

  • Dampening/Calibrating feature for all incoming data
  • Multiplex mode and NMEA data-relay mode
  • RADAR* cursor, VRM/EBL marks and range-rings repeated on SOB chart
  • Set & Drift calculations, optional vector drawn with OwnShip


  • Simple and quick route creation using "one-click" interface for making, deleting, inserting or moving turn marks
  • Unlimited Routes and unlimited TurnMarks per Route (limited only by available disk space/RAM)
  • Convert a Route leg to a Great Circle, or back to a Rhumb Line
  • Routes can be "Reversed"
  • TurnMarks can be individually named and labels displayed on chart
  • Comprehensive route planning and tracking
  • Extensive "Active" route details (current leg and whole route data)
  • Convert Waypoint lists or PastTracks to a route
  • Individual Legs can have their own estimated speed for route planning
  • Auto Search Route creation (grid or circular)
  • Import/Export routes from any drive, folder, file, GPS or C-MAP User Card
  • Autopilot* control when tracking a route

Routing tools

  • Route Creation/Editing Tool Bar and the helpful route creation tips m

  • ake routing much easier and more powerful.


  • Comprehensive Man-Over-Board feature
  • Compatible with Mobilarm V100 PLB, Raymarine Lifetag and AMEC Dolphin MOB Device and SafeLink devices.

MOB Device Support

SOB seamlessly integrates with these MOB devices:

Mobilarm V100 AMEC Dolphin SafeLink R10 and SmartFind S10 Survivor Recovery Raymarine Lifetag

Alarms Interface

Fine control over all alarms in SOB with configurable alarms for many conditions via a simple interface

  • Interfaces with the SOB Alarm Module for interfacing with external alarms, buzzers or alarm lights.
  • Outputs through the PC speaker, or plays a sound file via the sound system, or uses TTS to speak the alarm, or use the SOB Alarm Module to activate an external siren.
  • Two standard “time of day” alarms are included.

Fuel Consumption and Burn Rate and Range calculator

  • Interfaces with Cruzpro Tank Monitoring and Instrument sensors, or control manually. Provides range-remain predictions- and more - for motoring.

"Talking Pilot" feature

  • Unique and fully configurable Text-To-Speech (TTS) feature which can narrate through the computer speakers or remote audio device (ie Bluetooth earpiece) such data as Speed; Heading; Depth; Potential Collisions; Route tracking info etc
Sample display from RADAR


Dampening and Calibrating interface


Sample active Route screenshot



"Talking Pilot" interface


Targets and Vessel Tracking



SOB includes very advanced target acquisition, display and calculation features - all designed to make transiting busy seaways safe and easy.

These features are ideal for use by base stations (for Vessel Monitoring); fleet managers; commercial vessels or leisure boaters.

Target Acquisition methods

  • Tracking of AIS* targets
  • Tracking of DSC* targets
  • Tracking of ARPA (or MARPA) Radar* targets
  • Tracking via Internet with direct interface to GpsGate Online
  • Manually enter a target and use DR to track it

Target features

  • Full target info display using three different methods
  • Advanced collision avoidance features
  • Comprehensive configuration settings for all target options (display options and collision threats etc)
  • Target acquisition logging 
  • OwnShip from a Target
  • Direct configuring of the NASA AIS Engine parameters
  • Target "Friends" list for grouping and tracking known targets

 SOB in use at Base Station in Tasmania

AIS sample screen

A busy English Channel, tracking the ship Aegean Glory

AIS target inquiry screen

Interesting acquisition - tender is also transponding!


Chart features




  • Supports NT, NT+, MAX charts from C-MAP
  • Supports both cartridge and disk file charts
  • Compatible with C-MAP FP & NT+ & MAX Chart Cartridges & C-MAP Card Readers
  • North-Up, Magnetic North-Up, Course-Up and Destination-Up chart orientations
  • Show chart boundaries to quickly identify licensed charts and/or areas with greater chart coverage
  • Selectable depth area shading and highlighting
  • Read/write C-MAP User Cards (transfer routes, marks, events, tracks between SOB and a C-MAP Plotter)
  • Declutter mode
  • Perspective view, with adjustable viewing height and direction
  • Animated nav-lights display
  • Search for Chart Objects
  • Extensive detail on all chart objects (depths, lights, ports, facilities etc)
  • Location specific tide predictions with daily Sinusoidal graphs and text display and easy date picker
  • Tidal Stream predictions. Polar graphs and on-screen arrows and text lists

 Sample embedded chart details

Example of embedded photo in charts

Example Tide graph

On-chart tidal stream display example

Example polar graph for tidal streams

Perspective View example


Sail/Racing/Wind features



Race Start feature

  • "Race Start" is a dedicated feature to help get the best start in a yacht race.
  • Set the time-to-go-to-start and select whether to start (1) perpendicular to the line; (2) on your current heading; or (3) on optimum port/starboard tack angle.
  • Now, at a glance, you will see if you are fast or slow to the line, and much other data to help you achieve the perfect start

Wind Display on chart

  • Powerful optimum upwind sailing guides are drawn around your ship's symbol and the upwind mark. Use these for fastest upwind sailing and know precisely where to tack for the layline to the mark.

Wind Data Panel

  • Analogue-style wind display dials links to Polar data to show optimum angles and target speeds

Wind Polars

  • Valuable analysis of your sailing performance based on real-time data compared against your yacht's polar data (which is your measured optimum sailing ability)
  • Auto-create wind polar data from PastTracks; or import Maxsea format (.POL) polar files; or manually create polar data from simple table-formatted data from the yacht's published characteristics
  • SOB uniquely uses separate data for port & starboard tacks. Other polar programs use a single set of data for either tack - thereby presuming that yachts perform identically on both tacks!


Race Start form

Wind guides for upwind sailing

Polar diagram of yacht's sailing capabilities


Weather Overlays



SOB is compatible with the worldwide GRIB weather data. This data is supplied freely by numerous weather agencies around the world by using a simple exchange of emails. SOB will seamlessly interface with most Email programs making the GRIB data requests simple and painless.

When received, the emailed data is decoded and overlayed onto the chart in a simple manner to enhance your voyages - providing predictions and current-state information right on the chart - where you need it.

The following data types can be decoded and displayed by SOB:

Msg #    Description


 MSL Pressure


 Geo-potential Height


 Surface Air Temperature


 u-Wind surface


 v-Wind surface


 u- Currents / Tidal Flow


 v- Currents / Tidal Flow


 Precipitation Rate (kg/m˛/s)


 Total Precipitation (kg/m˛)


 Sea Temperature


 Water Deviation from Mean Height


 Ice Cover (Proportion)


 Wave Height


 Wave Direction


 Wave Period


 Snow/Ice Cover percentage


GRIB example for North Atlantic

Currents in the English Channel

English Channel currents, zoomed

Sample display of Wind arrows


Misc Tools and Features



Ship's Bells

  • Traditional Ship's Bells chimes played on the half-hours via Windows™ sound system

Isomagnetic Graph

  • Uniquely, SOB can show an isochrone overlay which displays lines of equal magnetic variation. This can even be animated showing change over the last ten years.

Port/Device Identification Application

  • List all available COM ports (including Serial, USB, Bluetooth) and auto-identify any attached NMEA device, and other standard Navigation equipment such as Iridium phones, CAPSAT modems, INMARSAT etc
  • SOB can use 4 simultaneous COM ports for NMEA input and/or output
  • Any COM port from COM1 to COM255 can be configured

Easy Conversion Form

  • Angles: find latitudes or longitudes for decimal-degrees (DD.DDD°); degrees-decimal-minutes ( DD°' ); or degrees-minutes-seconds ( DD° MM' SS" )
  • Lengths: convert metres, kilometres, feet, fathoms, miles and nautical miles
  • Magnetic variations


  • Distance to horizon
  • Predicted boat speed
  • Wind chill factor
Isomagnetic graph of World

USBMM C-Map Card Reader

Basic GPS information display

Screen showing 2-5m depth zone highlighted


Networking features



SOB contains full Network abilities and can act as either (or both simultaneously) a Client and/or Host computer.

As a Host, SOB will forward all received NMEA data to a remote (client) computer over a network (local, wide, or Internet).

As a Client, SOB will receive NMEA data over a network and operate as if the data devices were directly connected.

The other computer connected with SOB Client or Host does not need to be running SOB. For example, remote NMEA data sources exist, such as AIS receiving base stations which send a NMEA stream over the Internet. SOB can connect to such streams and display the AIS targets.

Some ideas for using SOB networking:

  • Connecting onboard NMEA instruments that are a long way from the nav computer (Cat-5 or wireless connections are possible)
  • Connecting onboard instruments to multiple onboard computers
  • Use a wireless tablet computer onboard to navigate your boat
  • Monitor your boat, or fleet of boats, from your desk or home in real-time
  • Track a yacht race in real-time from anywhere in the World
  • Combine the AIS/DSC data from multiple VTS stations into SOB at a a central "head quarters" and display all remote targets on one screen
  • Track your boat anywhere in the World using an onboard Serial-to-GPRS device and GpsGate Online, or directly into your Internet connected laptop and local copy of SOB
Example SOB-Client interface

Example SOB-Server interface

Schematic for setting up your boat for remote tracking

Schematic for using LAN in complex onboard installations

Schematic for using SOB simultaneously as Client and Host




* Appropriate hardware devices required

Refer to the SOB User Manual for complete feature information











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