Software-On-Board Full Setup
The SOB auto-install file Download SOBv11 (~200Mb) can be downloaded immediately.
This one file is used for Win2K, WinXP, Vista, W7, W8 or W10. Once installed, apply a Product Key to License your copy (eg, Standard or Pro License codes).

SOBv9 and newer uses a Product KEY, which replaces the older UnlockCode.
SOBv10 and newer use a SOB_SERIAL which replaces the older PC_CODE.

* Any users with licenses purchased within the last 12 months will be able to retrieve a Product KEY for the latest version SOBv11 via our Unlock Webpage

* Users with licenses older than 12 months: can download and install the new version on a trial basis and purchase or upgrade to a new license if desired. Upgrade pricing is available, visit the Shop page for details.

* To retain your existing Licensed SOB Version while trialling SOBv11, you must install SOBv11 in a different folder to your existing licensed copy. (For example, C:\SOBv360. You have the opportunity to select the install folder after running the SOB Setup program.)
Licensed and Trial Users receive free email support.

* New and Unlicensed Users: if you've never used SOB before, or are satisfied using the LITE or Trial versions just download and install from the link (above) and over-write your current version. For Trial users, SOBv11 will be full-functional for 30 days from date of installation. Thereafter most advanced features will be disabled. You may continue to use SOB as the LITE version, or choose to purchase a SOB User License to fully enable this version of SOB for life.

* Trial users receive free email support for the period of the trial.

* Purchase of a user license permits installation on 3 computers, and free upgrades for 12 months.

Register your Trial SOB copy to increase the trial time, and to receive free email support for 3 months. (Registration Form)

In case of download difficulties, contact DigiBOAT Sales.

SOB updates and upgrades are released regularly, check back frequently. Current release is SOBv360 ver 11.21 (May 2020)

Foreign Language Versions
The foreign SOB versions (~20Mb Upgrade only) can either be setup over any installed SOB version (any language), or downloaded in-full from the following links:



Italian (100Mb)



French (100Mb)



Dutch (100Mb)



German (120Mb)



Norwegian (20Mb update install)



Russian (20Mb update install) BETA-TEST



Japanese (20Mb update install) TEST: Translation incomplete






SOB PORTS v6 (Jul 2015) - Use to identify your COM ports and connected devices, and set the ports for SOB to use.


  • Check your SOBv360 folder after installation for available HOWTO documents






C-MAP Drivers


 Install USB2MMR with Vista


Drivers for both the USB1 and USB2 versions of the orange Multimedia Card Reader.

The two models available can be told apart by looking at the silver label on the underside of the device.

Example model numbers are shown below with the correct driver for each model
(the digit after the second R is the important one)

USB1 = R2UR0000xx1
USBMM Card Reader

USB2 = R2UR2000xx1
USB2MM Card Reader

USB2 MMR owners with SOB earlier than Ver 9, also require this "patch": Download
Install instructions are included inside the ZIP file.

*These are the latest drivers from C-MAP (as @ Jun 09) and are for Win2K, XP, Vista, Win 7(32-bit). Not tested by Digiboat with Win8.
  Older-style card reader for the traditional C-MAP c-card (NT/NT+ type).

This reader works fine with SOB, but it has been superseded by the USBMM Reader above.
*Not tested by DigiBOAT with Vista or Win8.


Obsolete card reader. Compatible with the C-MAP cards for older Furuno plotters.

Works fine with SOB, just install the driver, no additional setup required.
*Not tested by DigiBOAT with Vista,Win7 or Win8.


* Not tested by DigiBOAT.

*Newer dongles may not look the same as picture
  This dongle allows the use of your Licensed Chart files on multiple computers.
Sold by C-MAP and their agents.



USB to Serial Converters

  • UMC102 Dual Serial to USB Converter
  • UMC104 Quad Serial to USB Converter


    nothing listed



Nautical Stuff




Navigator Light Ver 2.1

Contains or calculates ALL the celestial navigating details required for a sight reduction - All you supply is the celestial body used, time of sight and sextant reading. 
All almanacs and data are built in, and the help file is useful and informative.

If you have even a passing interest or knowledge of manual sight reductions you MUST check this program out! Omar F. Reis is the author of this excellent program.

"Bowditch" - American Practical Navigator - 2002 Edition (40Mb PDF file)

The standard navigation and pilotage text for over 200 years! Now available in PDF format.

SkyMap Ver 3.1

Creates highly accurate maps of the sky, as seen from any place on Earth, for any date between 4000BC and 8000AD, displaying stars, planets, comets, deep-sky objects, constellation names and figures, and a whole lot more. Detailed information about any object on a map can be obtained simply by clicking on it with the mouse, and high quality star-charts can be printed on any printer.








C-MAP Chart Legend (PDF Format)

Chart Legend provides a visual reference and brief description of most objects found on C-MAP NT+ electronic charts.

C-MAP Cartography  (PDF Format)

C-MAP Cartography Reference Guide, detailed information about C-MAP charts, the different chart formats and capabilities.












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